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Edgenuity Program Expectations

  1. Students listen to a pre-recorded 15-20 minute lecture, do simple tasks throughout the lesson, and take a 10 point quiz at the end of every lesson. 
  2. Students will be assigned projects throughout the course and rubrics are provided within the program to guide their work. 
  3. The ICCSD teacher’s role is to grade the work once submitted, monitor student progress throughout the trimester, correspond in regard to progress when necessary with students and parents, and approve the final grade.
  4. Students take a test at the end of each unit after completing approximately five lessons.
  5. If students can’t move forward with an assessment passing threshold of 60% or above the student will be required to take notes over the lessons before gaining access to assessments. The supervising para will determine this.
  6. Students contact the online supervising para to have each quiz and test opened. The supervising para will monitor the student’s screen during the assessment.
  7. Students will be responsible for working through each unit until the course completion percentage is 100% AND the relative grade is 60% or above.
  8. The ICCSD 4.0 grading scale will be used.
  9. At a minimum, the student is expected to keep up with the built-in pacing guide that will lead them to completion of the course by the end of the trimester. They are allowed to work at a faster pace if they find success in doing so. 
  10. Asynchronous online courses work great for some students and not so well for others. We will monitor progress to determine if the self-motivation needed for success in this style of learning is compatible with the student’s individual skillset.