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Core Values & PBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports 

ICCSD Online will focus on our core values and PBIS (Positive  Behavior Interventions & Supports). These core values and PBIS are aligned with the K-12 social emotional learning competencies in the Iowa Core. There are five major principles in the competencies:



social awareness

relationship skills

responsible decision-making

Our Core Values

The learning targets within these five principles will be tailored by grade level to focus on developmentally appropriate concepts and skills. Our core values and PBIS expected behaviors and actions for K-12 students are outlined based on the synchronous, asynchronous and community learning times throughout their day. We will continue to develop experiences, discussions, common language, and feedback around these principles and learning targets to foster greater knowledge, attitude and skills they can take with them and use as they grow.

Online and on time


I can manage my time and responsibilities in order to be an active participant in my learning.

I can communicate with trusted adults and classmates at school and at home. 


I can start and continue working on my learning goals

I can persevere on tasks that are difficult for me.


I can show respect for the differing views of classmates.

I can understand how my words and actions may affect others.

with Materials


I can keep my personal and school items organized.

 I can use my school materials so that I can participate to the best of my ability each day.


I can choose the correct supplies to help me complete assignments and projects.

I can manage my time effectively to complete assignments and projects.


I can work cooperatively within a group or the community. 

I can provide input on the learning goals and support so that others around me are also successful.

learner Ready


I can listen attentively and engage with adults and classmates.

I can respond appropriately to compliments and constructive feedback.

I can use technology responsibly.


I can identify my learning goals and the steps needed to complete class work.

I can check/monitor my own progress to meet the expectations.


I can recognize my role in different communities.

I can have healthy relationships in my family, school and community

Supportive, Receptive, and inclusive


I can understand and appreciate different points of view.

I can work with adults and classmates who are different from me.

I can communicate my needs with the teacher.


I can think about how my choices or decisions affect me, others and my future. 

I can think about how my emotions affect my ability to problem solve and make constructive decisions. 


I can value the similarities and differences among peers around me.

I can interact respectfully and consider the needs of my family, school and community.