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Junior High Program

The Junior High ICCSD Online Program is where the classroom experience and the online environment come together. Students will get the opportunity to connect with their teacher and classmates through homeroom, which is designed to create a community and help students navigate the social and academic stresses of school. Along with the core curriculum, students can dive into their interests with elective courses, from joining a Writer’s Workshop to exploring the fundamentals of computing.

Parents with students in ICCSD Online appreciate the high-quality learning environment with certified teachers taking the lead. ICCSD Online curriculum aligns to the Iowa Core, so parents always know that their students are getting a high quality education consistent with other students in Iowa.

In order to offer a full array of courses, some secondary courses will be offered through Edgenuity. These classes combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from expert, on-screen teachers with interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students.

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